Selasa, 23 April 2013


Bukti DSI Harian 1.5% Terus

Bukti Boom di BV

Bukti Request Withdraw

Bukti Withdraw Masuk Rekening

Tan Jin Kun Says
I get my first 100% Discount Item (USB8Gb)
Helen Lim Says
Smart Shopper, 100% Discount…
Suki Says
Get 100% discount after 5 PEEK.. wow..
Angela Chang Says
The trip to BV Genting Highlands was sponsored, yet I was not really keen at that moment. Few days ago, my leader show me her account. Not believing with my eyes but it is true! her eWallat, she got more than USD200 per day! so I joined. in 3 days, I got even more! I sign up another Licensee Hub for my husband. wow! 2days only his eWallet was USD253, PP Wallet USD108 and Peek Credit Wallet USD109. I can buy an IPad now!!!
Chin Sok Hong Says
100% again!!!
Foo Boon Yaw Says
I bring back many 100% discount products from BV!!!
Neny Niey Says
I also got my 100% discount from!!!

Nenita Cabigas Says
I am happy to have it 100% discount!
Ah Liew Says
I got more than 30++ items with 100% Peek Discount!
Ms Chin – Sabah Says
I am 100% Smart Shopper!
Miyuki Chin Says
I love 100% Peeks Product!
Chen Sieng Yin Says
Yes! I got my 100% discount of the Car Camcorder
Angeline Chen Siu Ling Says
I have approx RM20K products sales just in 2 weeks… TQ BossVenture… I LOVE U!!!
Ann Chin Says
Yes! 100% discount.

Ah Liew Says
Today peek 100% for Boss Venture
Ching Tze ping Says
I got 100% Discount
Foo Boon Yaw Says
100% Discount Smart Shopper
Hardy Saputra Says
1st 100% discount peeker in Indonesia!!!
Youngtuan Says
I also got 100% discount, but not much as u leh!
Miyuki Chin Says
i got many 100% discount

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